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Lanowan Online-store sales of network equipment is ready to offer its products to all customers
Lanowan Information Technologies is one of the most successful IT companies in Iran that has been established with aims to provide a variety of products and services in the field of Information Technology,  This group that passed more than a decade since its establishment Implementing several Passive and Active network projects by Lanowan Group teams causes the experience has been gained, provide very high quality services for corporate clients in this area.
Data Center
Data Center is an area where the important and critical resources of a large organization centralized and inside controlled environment under a central management provide ongoing service guarantees.

Lanowan Methodology
Client needs assessment
Design system in accordance with the requirements •
Physical and logical implementation of projects in different layers •
Efficiency testing and guarantees data center output •

The advantages of using Lanowan services
Consulting services, design, procurement, installation, commissioning and
Support •
Use of best knowledge and implementation experienced team •
Use of world standards •
Build up data centers by the world's top brands •

Lanowan Activities Field

 stablish Point to Point and Point to Multi Point connection •
 Implementing wireless environmental projects based on WiFi technology •
 Consulting, designing and building local wireless network (WLAN) •
 Consulting, designing and building LAN and WAN network •
 Installation and commissioning for Internet Service Provider 
 Providing all hardware and software equipment
Assessment and testing network performance status
Maintenance, support and network updates •

Wireless Network

According to increase use of wireless technology and extend Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) activities ,Lanowan Group has been done extensive activity in this field.
Securing Network
With increasing use of information technology in government and private organizations, network security, systems, applications and databases used in the information technology infrastructure, became a great importance. In this regard, optimizations and immunization for each of those items are important for organizations.


Increase security of network, systems, services, applications and databases
To minimize the threats and vulnerabilities
Reduction of material and spiritual losses due to attacks

Lanowan Methodology:

Network Identify
Designing a secure network
Implementing a secure network and performing hardening procedures
Security checking after implementation of network
Presenting service of network security guarantee period

The advantages of using Lanowan services:

Use of network security specialized and experienced team
Performing work procedures based on international standards

Microsoft Service

Microsoft operating system List:

Windows Server 2012 (in 4 different versions depending on the needs of small & large businesses)
Windows Server 2008 (R2 Enterprise & R2 Standard versions Just offers.)
Windows 10 (This product is only offers as Volume License and for the organizations.)
Windows 8 (This product is only offers as Volume License and for the organizations.)
Windows 7 (This product is only offered as Volume License and for the organizations.)

VMware Service:

Data Center Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure:
VMware vCloud suite
VMware vSphere with Operation Manager
Networking and Security
VMware vCenter Protect Advanced
VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager

Virtualization & Cloud Management:

VMware vCenter Server
VMware vCenter Configuration Manager
VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager
VMware vCloud Director

Desktop Virtualization and Mobile Computing:

Desktop Virtualization Infrastructure 
Horizon View
Horizon mirage
Horizon Workspace